Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Setting the Bar High in Women’s Health at Allison Breast Center

Written by  OurHealth Magazine

Allison Breast Center mammograms – more comfort, less worry

Mammograms don’t have to be uncomfortable, time-consuming experiences that subject patients to high levels of radiation, and anxiety wondering when test results will be delivered and what they will reveal.

Instead, Allison Breast Center in Richmond offers patients what it calls “the more comfortable mammogram,” utilizing the most advanced mammography imaging available, and a spa-like setting that almost makes patients forget they’re at a medical facility.

Traditional mammograms can be uncomfortable and even hurt because the imaging sequence requires the breast to be held for a long time and compressed. Those drawbacks have been reduced significantly using the Philips MicroDose Mammography digital system because breast compression is reduced significantly compared to other systems, resulting in increased comfort and a better experience.

Better images and diagnoses, with less radiation

Increased comfort isn’t the most important consideration when it comes to mammography, nor is it the only benefit this new mammography system delivers. Philips’ full-field digital mammography system offers excellent image quality while exposing patients to dramatically reduced radiation levels – as much as 75 percent less – than traditional imaging systems.

“Using unique, photon-counting technology, these FDA-approved imaging machines enable us to find more stage zero cancers than is possible with comparable digital machines,” Gillian Bigg explains.

What our patients are saying

Even with the improved comfort levels and enhanced image quality that come from using the MicroDose system, many Allison Breast Center patients say what’s important to them – both for schedule convenience and anxiety reduction – is the fact that they review their results with a physician before ever leaving the facility. There’s no waiting or wondering for days about test results or whether additional follow up tests are needed. Patients instead are in the door and back out within 30 minutes, taking with them the knowledge and peace of mind needed for better health.

Giving Back

Allison Breast Center is a continuous supporter and sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Little Kickers, and River City Charities.

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