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OurHealth Richmond Chart for Healthy Aging: Be Healthy. Age Healthy.

Written by  Steve McClintic, Jr.

June is Men’s Health Month. But it’s not the only month men should do their health justice.

Despite popular opinion, men need to take care of themselves.

This may sound like a common sense statement. But it’s not one that often resonates. For many men, taking care of their health, which includes getting regular check-ups, is about half as important to them as it is for women. This isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact: according to the National Institute of Health, men go the doctor 50 percent less than women.

Men aren’t immune to the many common and unfortunate health-related issues that anyone can develop. Men can get the cold. Men can get the flu. Men can get diabetes. Men can get cancer.

And men can prevent many of these health conditions from occurring if they take better care of themselves.

The following information is the OurHealth Men’s Chart for Healthy Aging. This chart is 100 percent important. Read it. Embrace it. Engage it. This information may be the difference in helping you live your fullest and happiest life.

Prostate Cancer is a common cancer found in men. A digital rectal exam and the PSA blood test are necessary for clinical evaluation of prostate cancer. It is recommended that men ages 40-50 talk to a urologist about their risk of developing prostate cancer and get a baseline exam and PSA test. African American men and those with a family history are at increased risk and should be followed regularly. American Urologic Association guidelines also feel men 55-69 should have a prostate exam & PSA test every two years, with a PSA >3 ng/dl being abnormal. Lastly, only those men with good health and 10-year life expectancy should consider screening evaluation.

Michael Franks, MD
Virginia Urology
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Maintaining regularly scheduled dental exams and cleanings is important for many reasons. Two of the most common medical issues we face as we age are diabetes and heart disease. Studies have shown that periodontal disease (gum disease) can exacerbate both of these conditions. Also, we need to maintain a healthy dentition to maintain a healthy diet. Routine dental exams will screen for conditions such as abscesses, decay, fractured teeth, or clenching and grinding, all of which may result in tooth pain or loss if ignored. Good oral health is vital to good systemic health, so see your dentist at least twice a year to insure your dental and overall health!

Robert LeNoir, DDS
Drs. Brown, Reynolds, Snow, LeNoir Dentistry
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Physical Therapy for Men’s Pelvic Pain
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome accounts for 90-95% of non-bacterial “prostatitis”. Usually, symptoms last longer than six months and may vary in degree of discomfort. The pain may be felt in the back, hips, and/or pelvis. The patient may experience pain with sitting, urinary frequency, urgency, constant pressure, burning, and interference with sexual function.

Treatment with manual therapy focuses on targeting painful pelvic floor muscles and corrects muscle imbalances of hips, back, pelvis, and address myofascial trigger points.

Bowel and bladder habits may have changed with chronic pain, so muscle re-education is helpful in correcting incoordination of muscles. 

A physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, may help reduce pain and discomfort and calm chronically irritated muscles with treatment. Trigger Point Dry Needling eliminates taut bands in muscles that perpetuate and cause pain.

Lydia Morris, PT
Orthopedic Physical Therapy
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Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. Most men should be screened for colorectal cancer at age 50 and every 10 years thereafter. African Americans need early screening at age 45. Proper screening may prevent cancer because we often find polyps before they turn into cancer. A screening colonoscopy offers the most thorough and complete examination of the entire colon and is the only screening option that allows us to immediately biopsy/remove polyps completely. We offer a painless colonoscopy experience for our patients. Please call us to learn more about this important screening test.

S. Mubashir A. Shah, MD
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